Learning to Blog Again…

I was sitting at a friends house a couple of hours ago, and I was sharing with her a blog post about it being okay for us to say “no” to things. I have become notorious for saying “yes” too quickly. Christina was great at encouraging me to practice saying no more often, because she can see how it has been cluttering my life. It’s not that I can’t say “no”, it’s that I really enjoy doing things for other people and being there if people need me.

That eventually led to talking about blogs and how we would both love to start one. For her it would be the first time and this is something she has always wanted to do. For me, it would not be the first…I have tried to start several blogs. It always starts out good and I follow through on my intentions, but before too long my life becomes crowded with work, homework and other obligations and a blog seems completely irrelevant. It was one of those things that I had always wanted, but because of say “yes” to often to other people, I had to say “no” to myself a desire I’ve had for a long time. For all of these reasons, we decided to sit down and each start a blog. We have a goal of writing at least 4 posts each month, and holding each other accountable to actually posting all of them. They can be once a week, 4 days in a row or split up evenly, as long as there are at least 4.

Not only will it be good for us to get in the habit of writing down things that have and do happen in our day-to-day lives, but we also go to different schools so it will help us to stay connected during the 9 months that we barely see each other.

I’m so excited to see where this will lead and to finally learn to blog again.

The blog she started can be found at http://www.crashingworld.wordpress.com.

Goodnight world! (Or I guess I should say good morning)



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