Life is a blessing!

Wow, where is this month going?! I can hardly believe we’re already half way through September, I’ve had my first exam and paper due in school, and the weather is quickly changing to autumn chills! Before too long, I will be handing presents to my family on Christmas day, and a couple months later holding my niece or nephew in the hospital. (My sister-in-law is pregnant, woo!)

Lately I’ve been getting exhausted by those who choose to see life as a curse and not a blessing. It has been said by many different people that “you can choose to complain because the rose has thorns, or you can rejoice because the thorns have roses.” For most of my life, I have been a pretty positive person. All of these things around us, all the people, events and objects..they are a BLESSING. Sure, there are people who don’t feel like as much of a blessing as others, but there is something to learn in each and every person…and yes, learning is a blessing!

Life hands us many opportunities to either rejoice or to complain, no joy comes from complaining. Of course, we find true joy by being at one with Jesus and by seeking his heart before our own or others, but I don’t think we can even have that true joy until we understand that ALL of life is a blessing.

I’m certainly not saying that I’m perfect, of course I complain and get upset, I am human.

There are many things in my life that really, downright suck right now. I could either choose to focus on those things and make my downward spiral into pessimism, OR I could choose to focus on the incredibly beautiful things happening all around me and that are waiting in my future, and continue to discover more about my Savior. To me, it’s not much of a choice…joy or bitterness doesn’t seem like an option in my mind. I have tried, and will continue to try, to choose joy always and for that choice to become part of my nature, my character.

Well, that is my little rant of the night.
Thanks for listening and have a fantastic rest of your weekend!



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