Curve balls

Life is full of curve balls. I think we can all agree that curve-balls are something destructive or unpleasant that interrupt a good season of our lives. Curve balls are part of life; it would be strange for a person to go through life and never experience one…but that’s just it! I truly believe a person could go through life without truly experience a curve ball, and that’s all because of how they view them. Said person would see these as a learning experience instead of a problem. I’m not saying that sometimes life totally sucks, I’m not saying that we should grieve or mourn, and I’m definitely not saying that we should be happy all of the time  (it’s okay to not be okay!!). What I AM saying, is that all to often we take life too seriously and instead of searching for a solution we sulk in our problem.

Right now my life is surrounded by things that most would call  curve balls. They are scenarios, events and entire friendships that seem to be consumed by sadness, disappointment, frustration, or discomfort. There are moments and even days when I get so fed up that I just stop. I stop my entire life and sulk in my problems when all of my heart, mind and spirit are telling me to do the opposite.

They are telling me to keep going, keep trying and keep moving forward. Which is good! That is exactly what we are called to do! Colossians 3:23 says, “In all the work you are doing, work the best you can. Work as if you were doing it for the Lord, not for people.”(NCV) In context, this verse is referring to us working for the Lord and obeying our earthly masters, but I take it to mean that everything we are doing should be with everything we are..whether that be for ourselves, our teachers, our employers, or anyone really. Don’t give up!

The best way I have recently learned to approach curve balls is to find a way to trust the Lord deeper. I know, that seems vague or even laughable, but think about it! As an example, death sucks and although it seems I have had to deal with too much of it lately, I’ve been searching for ways to have a deeper trust and faith in Christ. Although not all circumstances are the same, the times that a person is fading because of old age seem to be the most common in my life. At first it kills my spirit to hear about the situation and the updates, but then God quietly reminds me about who He is. He reminds me that this is not about me, and it’s not even about the person who is sadly passing away, it is about Him. I quickly – sometimes stubbornly – hand it over to God, send a pray or two His way and step one more step – or leap – deeper into my trust in Him.

I’m not saying it’s that simple, of course it’s more emotional and challenging than a prayer or two. And I’m certainly not saying that all situations need to be treated that way. Obviously discernment and caution need to be used. But, trusting the Lord is a decision. And it’s a coice we have to make every single morning. We either choose to continue to trust Him and lean on His powerful strength, or we choose to go about our days making our own decisions and trying to keep our weakening muscles strong.

There is so much I could talk about on this topic. So many sub-topics, controversial ideas and big-picture-visions that I could write about. But I am going to stop here and pray instead. I’m going to pray that each of you will also stop here and pray. Pray that the Lord would show us if there are any curve balls that we are either avoiding or dwelling in, and if so, what we can do to work towards a solution or a stronger trust in His plan!

Have a great night!


P.S. I would love to hear feedback, positive and/or negative!


One thought on “Curve balls

  1. Hey Sadie!
    Thanks a lot for posting this, its kinda the same thing i have been going through..
    This is encouraging to hear that I’m not alone and also that God is always there and has a plan for me and that there is a choice to trust in Him!
    Thanks again! You are a great friend and its amazing to see how you are changing and seeking God. 🙂

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