Trusting is Harder Than it Seems

So I think it’s funny. God has been using my own blog to inspire, teach and encourage me. Since I wrote my last post, so many more things have gone down hill in my life. The list is long, but I have not created this blog to whine and complain, so I will just leave it at that. A lot of things in life are frustrating right now, and I know it’s because God is trying to teach me something…I can just feel that it is so much bigger than me.

In my last post, my biggest point was that when difficulties come our way, we should trust God on a deeper level. Well, that’s what the past week and a half has been. Above everything else, God has been continually whispering the simple word, “trust” to me. Over and over again, I continue to hear that gentle voice in my heart and soul. As soon as I get stressed because I forgot to read a chapter of my Geography, “trust”. Every time I feel broken for the people of Honduras, “trust”.  When I think I understand something completely, but one little thing makes it all fall apart, “trust”. When my desire for something specific grows so intense that I can barely handle it, “trust”. As I learn that my heart is so intensely not present, “trust”. Get the point? It has been constant.

In every emotion, situation and desire, God is perpetually reminding me of His promise, which is this: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11). Most every person who was either raised in a Christian home or is a new-born Christian, has heard this verse, but is is one that is so easily and quickly forgotten or possibly ignored. As difficult as life can get and as much as you may want to just give up and stop pushing forward, this promise  becomes so encouraging. It reminds us that to trust God, is to trust that His will is good and that His heart is pure.

Although we don’t see the big picture and instead get caught up in the little things, God has a purpose in it all. He is a God of great love and intense desire. He put a craving in our hearts for intimacy with Him. So this morning, tonight, today, whenever you are reading this, take even a moment to be intimate with our Savior. He deserves it and you crave it.

Have a beautiful, God-filled day,



One thought on “Trusting is Harder Than it Seems

  1. This is true…I think trusting him has been so hard for everyone lately and I believe it is the uncertainty and apprehension but you know that he has a plan, especially for you! 🙂 Slash if there wasn’t a down hill there would be no way to go up! I love you!

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