Digging into the Word

Alright, so this has been something that has been brewing for the past couple of weeks now. I am horrible at being intentional about spending time in God’s Word. I’ve been praying about it and waiting for God to show me something new, but also understanding that I need to search and try to figure it out with His help. I have tried many different ways to study or make reading the bible habitual, but it’s so difficult for me! I’m going to write about things I have either tried, or am doing currently and I would be so excited to hear about what does or doesn’t work for you! Maybe something you share could help me with what isn’t working for me, or vice versa! So, here goes!

1) The S.O.A.P. Method:

This is to read through a chapter, book or verse of the bible and when you learn something new (or are reminded of something you already knew), you expand upon it in writing using these 4 parts:

S – Scripture: What is the scripture that you read and are writing about?

O – Observation: What is it that you learned through this scripture? Is it something new or a reminder?

A – Application: How can you apply this to your life? Or how does it already apply to your life?

P- Prayer: Write out a prayer about this verse, your observation and the application.

I have been using this for a while now, it does not happen constantly, but more so when I have large epiphany type moments.

2) Reading through a book of the Bible

Whether this be through one chapter a day or a week, or reading through whatever you can, when you can. I have done this several times before and I find this especially beneficial during the school year when I’m never completely sure what my schedule looks like until the day of.

3) Flipping to random verses or by topic

I know that I have done this several times, where I feel specific topics, characters or books resting on my heart and so I do specific searching for those things throughout the verses. This usually turns into a S.O.A.P. entry as well.

4) Devotions

Also known as “devos”. I have done and continue to do these all the time. There are so many great things about devotions. They can be long or short, they can be about pretty much any desired topic, and written by so many different (and inspiring) people. I currently have about three different devotions that I try to go through every day. These are great but do not always focus directly on the bible and tend to have more opinion  and “fluff” than simply reading the bible. But still nurturing, nonetheless.

5) Journaling

Journaling can include everything from expanding on favorite bible verses, to talking about the details of one’s day. This is a great way to remind yourself of the many blessings occurring in your life and to praise God for them, but also to pray and seek God in the difficult things as well. I do this often as well, but it becomes irregular during the school year because I already spend so much time writing.

6) Articles

Specifically online and Christian (not news articles). There are a couple of websites, which will be included at the end of this post, that I refer to often for new insights on current issues, answers to interesting questions and just everyday inspiration or encouragement.  I am constantly reading random articles here and there, which has been a great tool for me.

7) Podcasts

This is something that my wonderful brother, Nelson, has shared with me. I still am having trouble getting in the habit of it, mostly from listening to lectures so often and so much throughout the week at school. I have a lot of trouble focusing on what’s being played to me. I really hope that during school breaks I can get in the habit of listening to them. These are another great tool that can be accessed by almost anyone.

8) Quiet time

This is something that I think is necessary, but should be separate from being in the Word. I think that is is so good for us to be silent with Christ. To simply pray, or let Him speak into us. Some people find that journaling helps in this, others really enjoy just sitting and being silent. I used to crave this so intensely, but I’ve kind of fallen out of that since high school. It is something I’m trying desperately to get back!

Well, that is all I have for you today! Please share with me and other readers what you find helps in your Jesus time! You can post on my Facebook status or you can simply fill out the form below and leave a comment there! Thanks so much for reading!

Have a blessed day!


Great website magazines and article websites:

Set Apart Girl (For girls specifically):


Relevant Magazine:


Boundless Webzine:


Purposeful Singleness:



4 thoughts on “Digging into the Word

  1. This is a wonderful post! it is definitely a new kind of post but i really think that so many of those things are things that i have tried! I do better when i have something that guides me! I really want to try to take the time to do a quiet time, i think that would be really beneficial for me! maybe this is just the push i need 🙂

    • So excited to hear this! There has been great feedback so far, I’m excited to hear more responses and ideas! 🙂 Thanks Christina!

    • That is so true. I find that doing that while in the car is refreshing. All of life is happening around you, but somehow there is still peace and quiet.

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