Change vs. Passion

Change is something that keeps me stimulated and I thrive on that. Yesterday, I moved into my brother, Nelson’s, old room. If any of you know me well, you would know that I have now officially lived in every bedroom in the house, and I’ve even made our attic into a bedroom for several months. Some friends and most of my family think it’s hilarious and usually tease me about it. Not only have I changed rooms, but I also have a habit of moving all of my furniture around in the same room while in the process of cleaning.

So, I think you get it. I like newness, change, a difference in perspective. This can be great, but it can also be a large concern for bigger areas in my life.

When I get married, will I eventually grow tired of my husband and want a new one? (This does not line up with my morals and I’m mostly being sarcastic). When I buy a house (someday, hopefully), will I grow tired and move every three years into a new home? My largest concern is this: Will my passion for Honduras die and it be too late to change it?

Most of you know that after going on a mission trip, youth retreat or anything similar, there is this almost “faux” passion that is ignited in your heart, because it soon dissipates and life seems to be less. I have experienced it over and over. I’m not saying that if that happens to you, there is something wrong. We are called to go out into the world and spread God’s word and love throughout it. To the broken, the weak, the unknown, the orphaned, the widowed (Matthew 28:20, Mark 15:15, Isaiah 1:17). Going on a mission trip to help anyone who can be helped, or to a youth retreat to learn about our God and growing or making changes is incredible. Keeping the hype our hearts build from those trips seems to be impossible though.

My concern was that the same would happen with Honduras. I would come “home” to Ohio, start school, hang out with my friends again and I would return to life here and my passion for Honduras would die. I would become comfortable with my life here and forget about how my heart came alive while in Honduras. I am finding the opposite to be true. I am uncomfortable here. I’m complacent with this life. I cry every time my mind drifts off towards Honduras. God continues to light the fire under my heart for that beautifully broken country.

An example of this was what happened on November 6 (See my post titled, “heartache.”). My Facebook status was this: “My heart is breaking and yearning for Honduras right now. Sometimes God takes your heart at the moment least expected and shakes it up, and puts a flame under it. It is up to you and me to use it for His good.” It is the perfect example of God keeping the flame aglow.

We serve an incredible God. I know I am marked by His will, and that I have a call to serve Honduras. I can’t praise His glorious name enough for this passion he has given me. I cannot wait to get my hands dirty (quite literally) and see what He has in store for me and my life in Honduras.

Have a blessed day,


Shout out to Martha: Thank you so much for being such an incredible role model and follower of Christ. Over and over you say things that come straight from the heart of God and are exactly what I need to hear. I am more than blessed to have you supporting me in this exciting walk I am taking. Love you!


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