Looking Back for Hope: A Devotion

Tonight, while having my quiet time (which I have failed to do all week, unfortunately) I read something that completely warmed my heart and I had to share. So here is the end half of the devotion, word for word:

Lovingly, you will lead the people you have saved. Powerfully, you will guide them to your holy dwelling. Exodus 15:13

. . .

Think back to the times that you have seen God move powerfully in your life. How did He work in ways that seemed impossible at the time? Sadly, we sometimes take for granted the things He has done. Or, we think we have to fight the battles on our own and forget that our loving Father can and will provide for His children.

Tonight, in the midst of life and all its uncertainties, consider God’s promise of guidance. He will never start you on a journey only to abandon you in the middle of it. Tonight, let the words of assurance spoken by Moses guide you to take a place of rest.”

I love this. What an awesome reminder to rest in God’s promises.

As I have begun this journey to someday be a full-time missionary in Honduras, I have seen this happen over and over. God put a passion in my heart, but He hasn’t left it there for me to figure out on my own. He continues to light that passion on fire, guide me in the right direction, provide for me when it comes to Honduras and bless me with many seemingly impossible opportunities. I will never stop thinking and reminding myself of all the good, incredible things that God has done for me over the past few months. I know that He will only continue to grow my passion, bless this journey and guide my heart closer to His. Ultimately, that is where He guides us, towards Him…constantly.

So if you have a passion that you’ve always been afraid to follow, don’t let fear win. When you let go of fear and reach for God, great things happen! He is a powerful and awesome King, and only wishes to love on you. So follow your passions, let God lead, and, of course, live in chaos and uncertainty (that’s where God works).

Faith is not standing still, working without you or simply hanging out, it’s waiting for you to choose it, walk in it and grow from it.

Choose faith over fear and have a blessed day!



One thought on “Looking Back for Hope: A Devotion

  1. I love this and it definitely spoke to me…but it is, of course, always easier said than done! I’m glad that you have that passion for Honduras & that it is still present in your heart ❤

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