It has been happening all over facebook and twitter. People are giving thanks for something each day of the month of November and posting them online. Being Canadian, and having already celebrated Thanksgiving a month ago, I was behind and couldn’t figure out how to catch up. So this is what I am doing to celebrate American thanksgiving: Giving thanks for something in each letter of the alphabet! Here goes nothing!

A: Apples and Bananas – absolutely delicious snack.
B: Books – a beautiful opportunity to escape from the stresses of the real world
C: Cameras – being able to capture memories is such a blessing!
D: Dreams – to be able to have these and follow them tirelessly
E: Ears – being able to listen to the problems of others, hear music, listen to God’s creation. So many things!
F: Friends – you are all amazing, I love you dearly, and I thank God for you every day of my life
G: Gerbils – they provide much need comedic relief for my life!
H: Honduras – (you should have all seen this one coming!) The biggest passion of my heart…well, second biggest!
I: Ink – writing is such an amazing gift we have been given, another great way to capture memories!
J: Jesus – the biggest passion of my heart!
K: Karla Maria – my sponsor child, who has been such a happy blessing in my life!
L: Lace – such a pretty fabric, and great for crafting!
M: Memories – although I have a horrible time remembering, memories are such an awesome thing!
N: Nachos – sloppy, cheesy, salsa(y), plain ol’ salty…yum!
O: Opportunities – For sharing love, Christ, grace, mercy, a smile, laughter…always beautiful!
P: Parents – who love me and support my dreams and passions.
Q: Quilts – fun to make and comforting to use!
R: Relaxation – massages, bubble baths, candles, movies…all of that is heavenly!
S: Social networking – being able to stay in contact with my Honduran friends, Canadian friends and family, when used properly, it is a blessing!
T: Traveling – So much fun! This creates so many experiences, memories and opportunities!
U: University – although it stresses me out and annoys me sometimes, it really is a blessing
V: Vacuums – for cleaning up the messes my feet make and my gerbils make
W: Weddings – being able to celebrate with brothers, cousins and friends as they begin these next chapters in their lives..such a blessing!
X: Xylophone – they sound pretty? That’s a really hard letter to fill!
Y: Yoga! – so relaxing after a long, stressful, chaotic day!
Z: Zeal – keeps you going, positive and is encouraging to others!

Have a blessed day and don’t forget to give thanks for the big and little things!



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