Hard Work Pays Off

I write today with a full and happy heart.

“The most fruitful and beautiful friendships come from hard work, dedication and good communication. They are sometimes delicate, but most of the time strong enough to take even the worst pressure. With God as a focus and determination in your heart, any friendship can bear any weight.”

This is the status I posted to Facebook only a few minutes ago. It is referring to a friendship that was just recently renewed and by God’s grace is back to normal. (As normal as my friendship with Chelsea can and ever will be!)

From the very beginning, this friendship took work. From the very beginning, Chels and I also knew that our friendship would be a ‘forever friends’ kinda deal. We both are going into ministry overseas. We both love our God unendingly. We both have hearts that are not here. We both work our butts of for this friendship. Those are four things that, as a whole, are unique to our friendship. Our friendship has carried a number of ups and downs, has gone through strife and frustration, but always comes out stronger.

I am not the best communicator and I’m great at pulling away from close friendships for fear of being hurt, yet again. Those two things (among many other faults) are a mixture for seriously injuring a persons heart.

Chelsea is someone who needs reassurance that the other cares, she needs someone to be there for her always and she needs someone that promises not to up and leave. All of these things, mixed with the things I’m not the best at, make our friendship work.

It’s like I said: good communication, dedication and hard work will make any friendship go far. Oh, and God’s grace. Something I have really been learning over the past couple of weeks is that friendship takes work. It’s so easy for me to just stop trying and pull away from close friends, but I know that is not what God wants for me. He wants me to surround myself with these awesome blessings in my life.

So this is my declaration that I will work as hard as possible on friendships. I will not give up on my friends, even when they are working through their worst. I will fight for their hearts and for mine.

I will not always succeed, but I will always try my best and that is all God asks of me.

Blessings on this snowy day!



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