Complete Awe

Just two short months ago (and one day) I began my adventure of selling bracelets.

It all started when I was given a bracelet for taking pictures at a wedding. I loved the bracelet, but after a couple of months of wearing it, I was beginning to look for a replacement. I loved it and wanted something similar. The only half-way similar ones I could find would cost me $15-20, which seemed unreasonable. I started looking for a way to create a similar bracelet for cheaper, and as I began looking into it, I realized that I could make the bracelets and sell them. What better way to raise money for Honduras, than to sell something I enjoy making?!

So, I began looking for the right materials and figuring out how to make something others would actually want to purchase. By the awesome help of a co-worker, Joan, I decided on “Loving Arms” as the name. This was for two reasons, the first being that my arms will one day be loving on the girls at the orphanage every single day. The second being that you wear a bracelet on your arm, and every bracelet has it’s very own, unique heart pendant. It all came together smoothly and simply, with only a couple hiccups.

On October 19, 2012, I made the “Loving Arms Bracelets” Facebook page official, and waited. At first there were “likes” here and there, but nothing else. I had a couple people who had promised to be my first customers. But after that, I began to think that people would be excited about it, but wouldn’t order. I was so wrong. Once the orders started coming, they didn’t stopped.

Two months later and I have officially raised over $600 dollars! I am in complete awe of how God has provided. I need to raise about $1000 (preferably a little more) for my next trip to Honduras. I didn’t think I would raise even half of the funds, but as orders continue to come in, I continue to cry, laugh and praise God.

I want to thank every single person who has supported my dream by ordering a bracelet(s), praying for me, listening to me ramble about bracelet updates or anything else I am missing. I appreciate all of it and continue to be amazed by it. Every time I receive a new order, sit making metal hearts or give a completed order to someone, my heart warms and tears begin to well up. I have learned how to keep myself from crying every single time, but still get pretty close. Each of these orders is a confirmation that God has called me to Honduras, and this journey I’m on is good.

So there is my little update! If you would like to order bracelets, just check out my “Loving Arms Bracelets” tab in the top, right-hand corner, and you can find out more there, or you can e-mail me at! Look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks and I hope you all have a blessed day!




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