whirl·wind [hwurl-wind, wurl-]

Definition: any of several relatively small masses of air rotating rapidly around a more or less vertical axis and advancing simultaneously over land or sea, as a dust devil, tornado, or waterspout. (Thanks dictionary.com!)

Isn’t that just how life feels sometimes? We can have periods when everything seems to be moving, at a fast pace and we can’t really catch up with it. It can be emotionally, spiritually and even physically.

My life has felt like this lately. I have barely been able to catch a breath. Everything seems to be moving around me quickly…I have no control over it. Yet, when everything comes down to a breaking point, it’s just life. Life is full of things that can either tear us apart or help us to grow stronger.

When talking to my mom about a bunch of things that are (quite literally) falling apart, she told me this, “So now it comes to the point that it doesn’t matter what is going on, but rather what your response is.” I couldn’t agree more. I am also happy to say that my response has been fairly positive.

First off, I’m not one to get stressed out easily about life problems. I understand that life happens, it’s supposed to happen, or otherwise we would all be bored out of our minds! Also, I’ve never been too attached to material things. They only last for so long, why should we become attached?

Just a couple of weeks ago, my phone stopped charging. I went into my local sprint store, they took a look and told me I would need to order a replacement. My brain went into panic mode (just a little bit). I knew it was cost $100 to order a replacement and I didn’t have that kind of money. I’m a broke college student! So, as the guy is filling out paperwork, I asked about the charge and he tells me not to worry about it. What?!? I do a little “Praise Jesus!” dance in my head and thank the man.

I get my replacement phone and am happy to have a new, fully-functioning phone.

I have been wanting to sell my two cameras for a while, and trade-in for a mix of the two. I have a fancy, lens-changing Nikon and then a simple point and shoot Sony. I had posted the cameras to Ebay and put in my order for a new Panasonic (basically heaven in camera form) camera.

Two days later, my computer randomly shuts down and does not restart. I play with it and then message my geeky brother about it. He managed to diagnose it without even looking at it. I had to cancel my camera order and instead begin my search for a new computer.

None of this has been my fault. My phone died, it was just failed parts. My computer died, it was just failed parts. Failed life maybe…I know that these both give me reasons to panic and get frustrated, and I have had those moments, but for the most part, I have learned to trust Jesus.

I’m still dealing with the complications of working this all out financially and am waiting on my new laptop to magically appear on my doorstep. I continue to take deep breaths and understand that God is bigger than all of this. I can’t help but see the way that all of it worked out financially that I could get my new computer before school starts back up.

What else can I do when life is a whirlwind, but praise my Jesus and thank Him for his grace and mercy.

He is truly awesome,



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