Something Bigger

Tonight, as I sat on Facebook having a discussion with a friend on a status He had posted, God reminded me of something. Him and I were discussing how God shows us things. I suggested that he start a blog, but he replied that that isn’t exactly his thing. I explained to him that blogging is how I really learn. I have had some of my most intimate quiet times and gigantic revelations while blogging. I said that while I sit down thinking I’m going to write about something, as I’m writing God shows me something so much greater!

I was reminded of what a blessing this opportunity has been in my life and truly hope that it will continue to be an awesome spiritual tool for me. It’s not only a great way of processing life, but also of learning incredible things. A while back I posted about having a difficult time taking minutes out of my schedule to be with God, and I have realized that this has become that time!

“Thank you Lord for the technology that exists around me. Thanks for the way that I can connect with great friends in Honduras instantly and joke with others around the world in the same way. Thank you for giving me the confidence and persistence to continue writing this blog and letting You teach me through it. You’re an awesome God, and I’m so glad to be your humble servant. Amen.”

Have a blessed day and I hope you can find something that brings you revelations!



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