He Needs a Filter

So, last semester in my creative writing class, there was one guy, we’ll name him Joe, who drove me crazy! He has to be the most obnoxious person I’ve met. His sense of humor makes up for that a little bit, but he’s still ridiculous. He always has something to say, and isn’t afraid to say anything. In some ways, that’s cool, but in many other ways it’s not. There needs to be some filter for every person!

The end of last semester, he complimented me on the last day and was disappointed that I didn’t join the class for dinner. I was honestly pretty relieved that I didn’t have to hear his crazy stories and insights anymore. 

Today, the first day of spring semester started. I am finally getting into my major courses (English) and I’ve been thoroughly excited! I walk into my Literature in English I class, to see Amy, a girl who was in my creative class. I say “hi” and go to sit near her and she informs me that Joe is in this class too. “Oh no!” Was my first instinct!

He walked in and said hi to me. He asked how my break was and told me that I should grow my hair out because he liked it when it was longer. My first reaction was to roll my eyes and then turn back to face the front. As I was turning away from Joe, I felt like the worst person ever. I have not been an example of Christ to this guy. He is lost…very lost. He needs Christ! 

Although I still may laugh at his ridiculous statements from time to time, I am praying that I may see him in God’s eyes. It’s amazing really. Something so trivial. Something we learn (if raised in a believing home) at such a young age. We are to love others!!! Yet, somehow we can’t figure this out! I say we, because obviously I am included in this! We so easily make judgments about people, often without even realizing what’s happening. We look at people with the world’s lenses on, rather than those of Jesus Christ. 

Is there someone in your life that you need to be Christ to, but haven’t?

I’m going to try my hardest to be an example in Joe’s life, and pray that the Lord would guide me as I do so. Joe is just as important as the next guy, who does have a filter and doesn’t hit on every single girl he lays his eyes on. 

Have a blessed day!


P.S. I also found out that Joe is an English major, so I will be seeing more of him before my time is up in university!


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