I don’t know if you’ve seen them before, but they are incredible.

Around here, there are flocks of what seems to be thousands of sparrows. To watch them all flutter around, in these giant groups and all land in one general area is absolutely stunning. I have always had a love for flowers and birds. Why those two things of all the beautiful things one can find outdoors? It’s because they always remind me of the verses in Matthew 6 which talk about how God provides for the flowers and for the birds, so He will also provide for us. Lately, they have become something of even deeper meaning.

As I’ve written about before, I have been reading through Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge (amazing book). In one chapter it goes into depth about how God deeply desires to romance us. Not just remind us of His love, but literally envelop us in His love to the point that we can’t even bear it! One thing that was discussed is that God sends us these beautiful gifts, that whisper His love into the depths of our hearts. These gifts are different for everyone, but it would be the same as a young man bringing flowers to the door of a young woman he is about to take on a date. Just as that young woman is being romanced, so God desires to romance us! I always knew this. I always felt that He created nature for that very reason, it has no real purpose, but to set us back in awe constantly. It’s even more than that though! It’s God romancing us! It is God reminding us of how beautiful we are, how deeply He cares for us, how much He wants to be with us, how jealous He is of our time spent elsewhere.

These sparrows, they have become that gift to me. Some people get overwhelmed by a beautiful sunset, a quiet forest hike, a trickling creek, and although I find those all to be astonishing…it’s different. When I see this seemingly infinite flock of birds flying over my car, my heart overflows with joy. God gently whispers to me that I am His. That He loves me so incredibly deeply that I cannot even fathom it.

It is beautiful. It is incredible. It fills my entire being with delight.

I praise God for these great reminders of His love for us. I truly hope that you can feel this same love, this same peace, this same joy with me. I pray that you could also delight in God’s promises. He is a faithful God, who speaks truth.

Have a blessed day!



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