Where You Are

This is going to be a challenging post to write, but I’m ready for a challenge.

I’ve been really struggling with this lately. As the days pass by, and the idea of summer being around the corner takes precedent in my mind, I miss Honduras. My next trip will be sometime this coming summer and I cannot wait. I’m ready to be in Honduras, right now. Soaking up the sun (and probably some rain), laughing with the girls at the orphanage, eating some friend plantains, sweating from glands I didn’t even know existed, and having awesome conversations with other missionaries in the area. I want that. I dream of that every day.

Yet, God continues to remind me of this:

“You are exactly where you need to be, now and forever.”

For those of you on twitter… #OUCH.

What a difficult reality to accept.

All through high school and continuing into university, that would gently be whispered into my heart. It always came when I was feeling restless with the place I was in. That restlessness could be taking place anywhere between my spiritual life to a specific emotion tied to a specific friendship. Where I am at is sometimes not  physical, but could be spiritually, emotionally, mentally and also in my love-life.

That whisper seems to be even more difficult to accept as my dream of living in Honduras slowly becomes a reality.

Although this truth is absolutely necessary, it doesn’t mean that we can’t change things. It doesn’t mean that we should sit around and wait for God to move (although He is completely capable of making everything happen). I don’t believe God asks us to sit silently and wait for Him to work out all the details. It is engraved all over His Word that we are to work hard, and I believe that working hard is more than just in our actual job, but in every aspect of our lives (Genesis 2:15. Psalm 128:2, Colossions 3:23).

For example, think of a young single woman who is waiting on God to bring her future husband into her life. If she were to be simply waiting on God, she would be sitting in her bedroom day after day, reading books about dating and crying herself to sleep every night (wait, you’re saying that’s not normal!?). She can’t expect the man of her dreams to come waltzing up to her door, knock and then get down on one knee and ask her to marry him. That just is not logical! If it doesn’t make sense in our love lives, why should that make sense in any other part of our lives?

Instead we should be actively waiting on God. We should be pursuing our options, weighing the differences and then bringing them all back to Christ. It is surely never easy, but I don’t think life was created to be so (otherwise we would all still be partying it up in the Garden of Eden).

The most important part is that we are seeking Christ in all of this! Our lives are made up of decisions that all lead up to where we are in life. Decisions are sometimes simple, but other times frustrating and emotional. Just remember to enjoy the ride and understand that you are exactly where you are suppose to be, now and forever.

Have a blessed day!



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