Catching up With Change

I can’t believe how chaotic the past few weeks have been. With the flu, illnesses of dear friends, and messing up my knee during ski weekend, it has been crazy.

There have been a lot of things I have been praying about, hoping for and needing to let go of. I will start from the beginning.

I have never truly been happy at my school, Kent University at Stark campus. I have been living at home, working  part-time and driving 45 minutes to and from school a few days a week. School to me had become something that I did simply because it needed to be done. After discovering my passion for Honduras, I decided to stick with Kent so I could finish quickly and get down to Honduras as soon as possible. I was going to get my English degree and then get a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) certification afterwards.

I have been completely restless in Ohio. I long for Honduras every day and really struggle to be present emotionally. I constantly catch myself loosening the ties I have with people here and distancing myself from them. It’s been challenging for me and I think even more for those that I’m close with here.

Over the past two weeks, I have had this intense feeling that I am not supposed to be at Kent anymore. At first I was confused. so tried to ignore it, but it wasn’t going away. I then began to get frustrated because I finally accepted that I would just finish at Kent, but was beginning to feel that wasn’t right.

I began looking into other options, which ultimately came down to online school. I feel like I’m supposed to be here with my family and truly bask in the time I have here with them, before going to Honduras. I’m going to be an auntie any day now and cannot wait to spoil that little girl and love on her. Because of many other things happening, I want, almost need, to be here right now. That cuts out going away to any school and so I am left with online schools.

I searched and searched until I felt like I could search no more. I had decided to change into an Elementary Education degree, because the only reason I’m not doing that now is because Kent Stark didn’t have that option. Although transferring not only to a new school, but also changing majors this late in my college career, I might lose some credits but it should take the same amount of time if I were to get my TESL certification. I finally decided on Liberty University online. I know a few people who do online courses and have nothing but good to say, they have an incredible rating on many different websites and they don’t cost much more than what I am paying for school now.

I planned to apply for Fall 2013 semester and begin then, but God had other plans. As I sat in my English studies class, hating not only the class more, but also hating my school and being an English major, I decided to look into Liberty more deliberately. After much prayer and conversation with my mom (thanks for being so supportive through all this craziness, mom!) I decided to apply. Liberty online splits 16 week semesters into two 8 week terms, and each term you online take on 2-3 classes, which means that by the end of the 16 weeks you still complete 12-18 credits.

As I went to apply for fall, I discovered they were only accepting applications for the second half of Spring semester. So, I just did it, I applied and hoped for the best.

I began to think about it and realize being at Kent was kind of pointless, with my GPA and a 96% acceptance rate, I am bound to be accepted. And, the classes I had  this semester probably wouldn’t transfer and I was just hating my classes more and more (except for Spanish). After getting a “stick with it” from my mom, we had decided I would go until my last tuition payment was due. Yet, when looking into more details, if I didn’t drop my courses by midnight of February 10th, we would not get any refund back for tuition.

So, I’m super excited to say that I am DONE at Kent Stark. I feel so at peace about where things are headed and cannot wait to begin classes at Liberty. I have 5 weeks off and am excited to get all the things done that I had planned to do over my winter break, but didn’t get the chance to.

Well, that is my life caught up in a nut shell.

Have a blessed day!



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