The Countdown Begins!

I will be on a plane to Honduras in 61 days! I just found out yesterday about the trip and tonight agreed to go (even though as soon as I found out, I was prepared to say yes). It’s only a two week trip, with two days of travel on either end, but I can’t wait to soak up some time down there.

Now that I’m going back, part of me is scared that I will get down there and wonder why I ever thought it was where I am supposed to be. Yet, I am reminded of all the incredible blessings that surround my entire dream of Honduras, and I have trouble feeling that way.  There is another part of me is scared I will not want to get on the plane and come back to Ohio. I know it will definitely be good to go for more than a week, and spend more than four days in Santa Rosa de Copan.

There have been so many changes here that my huge fire for Honduras seemed to have died down some, or maybe just became less noticeable  As I adjusted to things here and the thought of being Honduras in two short months came into the picture, that seems to be all I can think about. One of the best parts about doing online school now, is I tag along  to Honduras with John and Laurel whenever it works for me.

Because of the success I have had selling bracelets (all thanks to God), I have already raised $600 selling them, and only need to raise about $150 more if I want to completely pay for the trip with fundraising money. Seeing all that God has done, I have no doubt that it can be raised, it has been a true blessing to watch the orders come in and receive as much as I have.

I cannot wait to be walking on the dusty Honduran ground and breathing in the balmy Honduran air. Hopefully I will have enough going on around me over the next several weeks to keep my mind distracted.

Two months from now, here I come and I am ready!

Have an incredibly blessed day!





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