No Turning Back

This is my heart cry
Though none go with me
The cross before me
The world behind me

I will follow You
No turning back

This song came on the other night just after turning off my light to go to sleep. It kept me awake and sent my brain in a thought tailspin (a positive one).

 I had been thinking about Honduras and all of the hesitations I have in moving down there someday. I think about being a single, white female living by myself in a decently dangerous country. I think of being a missionary in search of spreading God’s love among people who may not want it. I think of teaching English to a large group of girls and what a challenge that will be. I think of simply living in a country that has the highest murder rate in the world. As all of these things entered my mind, God continued to put a deep peace in my heart.

I cried and prayed and cried some more.

I turned out my light, and this song came on.

And the tears began to fall again.

This song is based on an old hymn “I have decided to follow Jesus”.

I can’t help but cry every time I hear this song or the many different versions that have been created. It is such a powerful song. The idea that we continue to follow Jesus’ calling for our lives, despite what the world may think, and even despite what we may think is best. We place the cross before us and leave the world behind us. And although others may not agree, may not understand, we keep moving forward in God’s leading. Man, I just can’t get over the incredible amount of truth in this and the major challenge.

I think of Honduras, and about giving up my original plans for my life and trading them in for what Jesus is calling me to, that is a huge way of following Jesus rather than this world. Yet, there are the every day decisions, big or small, that I make (that we make) that are either choosing the cross or the world.

Take a listen and meditate on what these words mean in your life. Let God move in you and my prayer is that you could continue to follow even though none may be with you.

Have a blessed day!



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