God’s Will

“The end of life is not to do good, although many of us think so. 

 It is not to win souls, although I once thought so.

The end of life is to do the will of God whatever it may be.”

-Henry Drummond

Lately, I have been learning so much about the will of God. Not so much about what it is in my life, but simply what it means for us as followers. When I read this quote, it seemed so absolutely perfect.

God’s will, should be our goal in life.

Of course, doing good things is great, look at the book of James which calls us to do good works. And of course, winning souls to heaven is also a wonderful thing (Matt. 28:19). Yet, all of that happens if we are fully and completely following God’s plan for our life.

One of the biggest things I have learned over the years, is that waiting on God takes action (almost always).

Take Honduras in my life, if I were to sit and ask God where He wants me and what He wants me doing, yet not trying anything or going anywhere, how is He supposed to show me? Obviously, God is a great God and He can show us these things even if we are just sitting silently. If I hadn’t gone to Honduras, I would still be planning to stay here in the U.S. near my family. I know that God would have worked through that, and I would still learn things, but what He has in Honduras for me is so much bigger!

Following God blindly can be absolutely terrifying (believe me, I completely get that!), BUT it is quite simply the most freeing thing possible. 

To know that where you are is exactly where the God that created the universe wants you, and to know that what you are doing is exactly what the same God who made and named the stars wants you to be doing that. Just that thought blows my mind away.

It looks so different for every person. I see one of my closest friends, Erin, who is working full time and has her own apartment now and I have never seen her this at peace with life. If I were in her place, I would be completely restless!

God created us all differently and He places different passions and desires in our hearts for a reason.

As I seek God, in what steps are next in my life, I pray that you would also seek Him. What can you do in your life that would be following Christ blindly?

My prayer is that whatever He may call you to, whether that be praying for someone or taking a trip to another country (both incredible things), you would have the courage and strength to do that. It’s scary, but as I said, there is nothing more fulfilling than following Him.

Have a great day!



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