First, let me say that I truly believe all fulfillment can be found in Christ. What I am writing about is what fulfills you beyond abiding in Him.

What is consists of a fulfilling life?  Is it having a healthy, happy family? Is it being financially secure? Is it having your dream house?

I have been learning that fulfillment is something that looks different to each person. While I spend time in Honduras, the idea of living a typical American life does not sound fulfilling to me. I understand there are many ways of ministering there, often times I wonder how much more I could be used while living there. And yet, I become restless even at the thought of living the American dream.

Fulfillment in America seems to be being married, having your own children, having a nice house and a good job that keeps you financially stable. Which is okay, if that is what makes you feel fulfilled!

Since I was very young, I didn’t really care to have my own children, but had always wanted to run an orphanage. I have always had a strong heart for parent-less children. I figured that once the first grandchild was born into our family, I would instantly want my own children. I absolutely love my niece, she has become so important in my life, but God has still not placed the desire for my own children on my heart. I see where God has placed me here, and the opportunities I have, and I am completely overwhelmed with peace and joy. For me, fulfillment comes from being here, in Honduras. It comes from being surrounded by hugs at the orphanage. It comes from being in the presence of God at all times, without all the distractions of my normal life in Ohio.

Don’t get me wrong, not everyone is called to this life. Not everyone can live a life like this in complete contentment. Not everyone will be fulfilled by a life like this. Not everyone will feel closer to God in this lifestyle.

I find it interesting that people become concerned over the idea of others, even loved ones, not being fulfilled through certain things such as marriage, children or a good job. There is nothing wrong with wanting those for yourself, but it is important to also understand that this is not the same for everyone.

Although it looks different for everyone, I believe that if you really look at what fulfills you, then you will have a better understanding of not only where you should be, but where you are already.

know where I am supposed to be when I think about the things that fulfill my heart.

What fulfills you?

Feel free to share, I would be so happy to hear your ideal fulfilling life!

I hope you all have a blessed day!



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