A New Adventure!

For a few months, I have been looking closely at internship possibilities in Honduras. Something that I could do the summer before or after I graduate, to give me some practice with teaching. I found a great program on the island of Roatan, and started the application process.

I am beyond excited to say that I will be going to Honduras for 3 months, on June 30th.

It has been a last minute opportunity that has come into my life, and I don’t think any of it has been a coincidence.

For those of you who didn’t know, I was just in Honduras a couple of weeks ago for 16 days. One of the days we were going out for lunch with Leti, a girl who had graduated from the orphanage several years ago, and her boyfriend Eric. Their friend Johny decided to join us last minute. During lunch, Johny got talking about this new project he has started up. He has teamed up with a public school in Santa Rosa and started an English program there.

What he has been doing has been amazing. This was their first year with the program, which started with 24 students, and there are now over 300 students interested. His dream was to eventually have American’s come down for three months at a time, and teach in the school.

Johny came to me about a week ago, and shared with me that he was in desperate need for two teachers for the end of July. I barely considered this at first, because of many things happening in my life in Ohio right now. As a few days passed, I began to realize that maybe it was the perfect timing for an adventure like this. After asking him many questions (thanks for bearing with me, Johny) I decided to take this opportunity. As Johny got looking at dates, he realized that he would actually need me to start teaching on July 1st, and wants me there June 30th.

I’m not sure if you realize this, but that’s only 40 days away!! At first I was hesitant to move forward, but God continues to remind me that His timing is far better than mine.

I thought the internship in Roatan was perfect, but then I met Johny and heard about his program. I then planned out that I wouldn’t go on this trip for another year or two, but then this opportunity came in July, and made sense. I realized over the past few weeks, that I only have a year and a half left of school, when in reality, I should still have about 2.5 or 3 years to go. Since the dates have changed, I will only be missing one term of school, which won’t put me behind any.

The two things that will be most challenging about this are raising the money on such short notice and preparing for teaching English as a second language! It’s something I have dreamed of for many years, and cannot believe the opportunity has come.

This will be a huge adjustment in my life, but it is also very welcome. From the very beginning, Honduras has been an adventure for me; it continues to give me opportunities to follow God blindly. Yes, it is scary at times, but oh so worth it! I cannot wait for the challenges and joys that are to come as I follow Him!

Lastly, I need to add that Johny is still in desperate need of one more teacher. If you or someone you know is at all interested in the opportunity to teach for 3 months in what I consider the most beautiful city that exists, please contact me! If you have any questions at all, I would be happy to answer them or pass you on to Johny. He is very passionate about his students and this program he has started, and I fully believe it will be a great success. It is a 3 month, contracted and paid teaching job.

I hope you have a very blessed day!



2 thoughts on “A New Adventure!

  1. Sadie I really want to thank you! you are amazing and would be such a Great Pleasure to have you here, I am pretty sure student going to love you.

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