What’s Yours?

Life is full of decisions, little a big.

We choose what to eat every time we get hungry.

We choose to laugh or to cry when certain situations arise.

We choose what to wear every morning depending on the days’ events.

We choose how to do our hair each day (sometimes our hair decides for us).

We choose to smile or to frown at people or things.

But sometimes, decisions aren’t that simple. Sometimes we have to look at the pros and cons. Sometimes we have to be objective about all options. Sometimes it takes longer than a second to decide.

These bigger decisions can rattle our brains, stress us out, and cause us to not decide at all (which truly is a decision in itself).

I’m slowly learning, as I get older and am forced to make bigger decisions, how to properly assess the options and choose what seems like the best choice.

For instance, going to Honduras for 3 months. I spent almost a week grueling over all of the details, over the option of staying in Ohio or going there. I spent much time in prayer and silence, waiting for God’s direction. I talked to many others about the opportunity, in hopes of an encouragement to go or not.

I’m learning that sometimes, you have to make a decision based on your gut feeling, and hope for the best. That’s what Honduras has been for me. I have an incredibly deep love for that country and its people. I also have a passion for teaching. And lastly, I have a love for English language. Mix all of those together and what do you get? Spending 3 months in Honduras, teaching English in a public school. How could I pass that up!?

Honduras has been a continuing need to give up my desire for planning everything out (as I love to do) and instead truly know that God’s timing is much better. It has been giving up many things in my life, in order to be there. It has been jumping in with both feet, ready for all the chaos that follows.

It has been an adventure from the very first time I have laid eyes on Honduras.

Above all, that is what I am learning.

It has been pure chaos since I have said yes to going in June. I have had to constantly make decisions based off of my plans for Honduras. It’s scary, frustrating, overwhelming, but I know it will be the most amazing adventure of my life thus far!

Trusting God and following Him, is not a matter of following rules or walking on the line of breaking them, it’s about the adventure! It’s about seeking Him first, putting others second, and thinking of yourself last.

For doing this: You will be frowned upon. You will be judged. You will be discouraged. You will struggle. You will question yourself. There will be warfare.

All of these things have occurred in my life since I have chosen Honduras over the American dream, and yet I couldn’t be happier. Every day is a struggle to do what is right. Every day is a struggle to trust God more. Every day is a struggle to accomplish all I can, and leave the rest up to God.

And yet, I could not be happier.

This is my adventure. What’s yours?

Although big decisions can be difficult, I’m learning that if we choose God, the rest all falls into place. It does not mean, in any way, that decisions will be easier. In fact, they may be more difficult!




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