A Year Ago

“So, I know that God has bigger plans than I can even dream up right now and I am  constantly giving my preferences and arrangements up to His will. I try to remind myself that He is going to work in and through me in unfathomable ways.”

This is part of a post I wrote on August 26 of 2012. I love looking back and seeing how God has worked in my life.

A year ago, I would never have guessed I would be where I am today.

It’s exciting to see the growth and changes that have occurred!

It’s also exciting to see that my dreams for Honduras are becoming reality in my life.

In just 24 days I will be heading to Honduras to be teaching English for 3 months. It feels like a dream! I get excited beyond words when I begin thinking of all the challenges and adventures in store for me! It’s rejuvenating for me to think about, every time I begin to get frustrated with something, I turn my mind to Honduras and my perspective changes so much! It can be really difficult to focus on the positive sometimes, especially when it comes to the future, but finding something that you are this passionate about changes everything. It gives you something to focus on and at times to distract you.

I’m prepared to go down and give my all to my students, to show them that I truly care about them and about their progress with English.

I’m more determined to be a successful teacher than I’ve been about anything before!

I can’t thank all of you enough for all of the incredible support and encouragement you have shown me. As soon as I begin to doubt myself or these plans, someone comes along unexpectedly and encourages me. Thank you!

Have a blessed day,



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