Strengths and Weaknesses

Have you ever sat down and made a list of your strengths and weaknesses? If so, have you brainstormed ways to improve your weaknesses and how you can use your strengths?

Tonight, I was reminded of an old friend that was walking through a lot of spiritual confusion. It was so obvious to me that satan had a hold on him, and I fought so much for that warfare. I was reminded of how nothing came of it, and how difficult that has been. Who was reminding me of these things? Satan.

I had been thinking about Honduras and what sharing the gospel there means for me. Right now, my goal is to be building relationships in the community, but eventually that goal will need to change. As I got thinking about spreading God’s love, satan reminded me of this old friend of mine and it was an attack right to my heart, exactly where it hurt.

I immediately realized this was a spiritual attack and rebuked satan, but what I thought of is: What is my proof that I can make this happen, besides the fact that God is behind this? Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe that God will provide me with the right words, actions and gifts when necessary, but I also believe that we need to work where we are and God will meet us there.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about my strengths and weaknesses, and even discussing them with friends, but I have never sat down and just written them out. I decided this would be a great thing to turn to when I’m doubting my abilities or feeling down and out. So, tonight, I have done that, and I have to say it’s one of the most challenging activities I have done. Sadly, it seems so easy to point out strengths and weaknesses in others, but to sit and brainstorm your own is arduous.

I strongly encourage you to make a list of your strengths and weaknesses, and think of steps you can take in both of those areas of your life. It’s not only great to have as a reference in the future but a lot of different things can stem from doing this. For me it was almost a healing process in some areas.

Let God really speak into you in this, and pray that you would listen to His words, whether hard or easy to hear.

Have a blessed day!



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