First Week

One week ago we were on our descension to the San Pedro Sula airport. I had so many different thoughts running through my head at that point, I was excited, tired, nervous and so many other things. I wanted to give an update on what I have done since being here and what’s to come.

Now I look back and can hardly believe it’s only been a week! My time here so far has been incredible.

I was originally supposed to start teaching on July 1st, but things ended up moving around and I wasn’t going to start until Wednesday.

On Friday I spent the day with Johny and got to meet his Dad and two of his sisters. On Saturday afternoon, we went down with Johny’s dad and spent the weekend in a village near Tela called Arizona. It was such an amazing weekend. I had a blast getting to know his family  and they very quickly became my Honduran family. On Sunday morning we woke up pretty early and went to my new dad’s farm. I got to ride a horse there and I got pictures with a bull. It was a beautiful place, and I learned a lot of farm animal names from my new sisters.

Later on we went to the beach and spent about 5 hours there. I don’t think I’ve ever swam in a more beautiful place. Everywhere you look you see mountains, and for most of our time there, you could hear thunder in the distance, but knew it was not affecting the beach area.

We headed back to Santa Rosa on Monday. It was such a blessing to be able to go and have some down time before starting to teach and get working on school. It was also so great to be part of a Honduran family and learn more about the culture here. The more time I spend here and the more I learn, the more in love I fall with this place. It’s an incredible place, full of amazing people.

Yesterday was my first day actually being at the school with the students, although I have not started officially teaching yet. Johny is having a graduation ceremony for his students on Friday. I was there to help his students prepare for the ceremony as they will each be presenting a topic that they learned during the last 3 months. These kids are incredible. They are so bright and with teaching them comes such joy and fulfillment. I start really teaching this coming Monday, and I’m so excited!

The only part that has been difficult is not being able to spend a lot of time with the girls at the orphanage. I would be there every day if possible, but unfortunately it isn’t. I know once I am into a more steady schedule of teaching every day, that there will be more opportunities for me to be with my girls.

I truly feel that this is what God has been preparing me for since I was a little girl and would play school in my room. I used to make up attendance sheets, lesson plans, and I even had a small chalkboard attached to my wall. I also look at how simple I have always liked for my life to be, and that is how these people live. They aren’t materialistic, and even those who are more wealthy still lead such a simple lifestyle.

I love seeing God at work in my life and the lives of others around me.

I want to thank everyone who has been praying for me as I embark on this adventure, it truly has been incredible. I can hardly believe I have 3 months left to take in this country and live out my passions.

Lastly, I found out last night that I get to see Nelson and Jenn who are now living in Guatemala City! They will be coming in two weeks and then Johny and I will be going back to Guatemala with them on Friday and staying until Monday. We are doing this so that I can renew my visa, and of course, visit with family!

I hope you have a very blessed day!



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