I’m sitting in the apartment, (trying to) have some quiet time before going to bed. There is church practically in my backyard and almost every night this church is either having practice or an actual service. Sometimes, hearing this music all the time can get annoying, but when I sit and think about what they’re doing it warms my heart. Every single person in that church or on the worship team has a story. Everybody is in a different place with their relationship with God.

Then I get thinking about where God has me, and I’m even more amazed. Every single person that I talk to, smile at or walk past each day has a story.

Every single one of those people are in a different place with their relationship with God.

And God chose to have me be part of this!

Monday was my very first day of teaching, and it went well. Yesterday, I had my second day of teaching, and according to Johny it was even better. I absolutely love teaching and I absolutely love my students. I had a bit of a rough day yesterday, but after spending a few hours with my students, I was in a great mood.

Yes they need discipline, and can be difficult sometimes, but they’re amazing. I truly feel as though I was created to do exactly this! My parents told me for most of my life that I would be a teacher, but I didn’t believe them. Here I am, doing exactly that, and I couldn’t be happier.

I’m loving walking through what God has for me here and I’m learning so much about myself.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support, know that they are being heard and answered.

Have a blessed day!



One thought on “Stories

  1. Sadie, we miss you already. Got home at 2:30 am. Hard trip but blessed to have gone. Thanks for all you do at the school and also in the community. You are a light that shines Gods love. We love you. note: don’t burn yourself on the stove or break too many things (just kidding). love and blessings.

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