Living Foreign

Yesterday, I was getting things ready in my classroom and a student came in and handed me a Hershey kiss. She is one of those student’s that I haven’t been able to figure out how she feels about me. Some days, it feels as though she really likes me, others not so much. What she didn’t realize, is that handing me that piece of chocolate was exactly what I needed in that moment. I didn’t even realize that, but God knew I needed a small reminder of how much He has blessed me.

Living in a foreign country is a challenge. Getting used to a new culture is difficult, but then being away from family and friends is difficult as well. I think the hardest part about staying in contact is that you’re almost living in two worlds at once, and it can be exhausting.

I want everyone back in Ohio and Canada that would normally know everything going on in my life, to still know these things, but it’s not possible. Unless it’s explained in great detail and I’m constantly writing while going through my day. Yet in all of this, I have to be present here in my ministry while I’m teaching and spending time at the orphanage.

There are also so many things to keep in mind while I’m living here. If I leave Santa Rosa, I need to have my passport with me in case we get stopped at a police check. There aren’t many places I can go on my own because of safety. I must be diligent in using water from the bottle, and not from the tap when cooking (there have been a few times I have almost used tap water).

I’m still figuring out exactly what God has for me here, but He has proven over and over His unending grace for me.

I absolute love teaching, but it has been a challenge because I don’t really get a chance to see my girls at the orphanage during the week.

Not only do I miss them, but sometimes they get upset that I haven’t come to visit and that kills me. The girls get back from school around 1 each day, and I leave for classes around 1:30. By the time I’m done with classes and headed back to my apartment, many of the girls are already in bed.

I feel so incredibly blessed to be here right now. To be surrounded by children most of the time, and have a job that I am crazy about.

Although sometimes I feel unprepared for all that God has for me here, He is constantly reminding me to take it step by step, minute by minute, and laugh by laugh. He has provided so much joy to me through my students and the amazing people here. I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life right now.

For those of you keeping my in your prayers, I have a couple of prayer requests.

– I have been fighting this sinus type cold for the past couple of weeks. It mostly went away, but then I woke up this morning and it has returned. It’s making all my body achy and worn out.

– I have to renew my visa since I am staying for longer than 90 days, I need to either leave the country for 72 or do the paperwork and pay to get it renewed here in Santa Rosa. Both are proving to be a bit of a challenge, as leaving for 72 hours means I miss 2 days of classes and getting it renewed without leaving scares me a little because I’m handing my passport off for a while.

– Lastly, I have been very tired over the past couple weeks. I believe that most of this has to do with adjusting to a new schedule, country and the small time change. I certainly have been getting enough sleep! It would be great to have a little extra energy to hand out to my students during my last two classes.

I want to thank everyone who has been praying and thinking about me as I am here. I cannot explain the gratitude in my heart towards all you prayer warriors.

Have a blessed day!



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