What I’ve learned (Month 1)

I’ve officially been in Honduras for 1 month (by day, not date). I decided that after each month I would write about the things I have learned. Some serious, most not so much.

Here goes nothing!

– I absolutely love living on my own. It proves to be a challenge at times, but it has helped me to understand the importance of boundaries.
– How to successfully make pancakes. Also, if you use vanilla almond milk, instead of regular milk or water, they turn out amazingly!
– Classroom management is the hardest part of teaching, especially when there is a language barrier
– Doing laundry in a pila is a full-time job
– A city-wide power outage can sometimes be the best blessing ever (especially after a long day of work)
– Teaching has to be one of the most rewarding yet challenging job that ever did exist!
– I am extremely stubborn (how have I not figured this out earlier!?)
– I can devour pancakes far too quickly
– There are “butterflies” (they look more like moths) here the size of my hand, no exaggeration!
– I have a worse memory than I ever realized
– God will continue to renew your strength each and every morning
– Leftovers seem never-ending when you are single
– The irony in some cultural differences, such as: Honduran’s think people with white skin are beautiful and those with tan are not, where as American’s think people with tan skin are beautiful and those with white are not (in general, obviously).
– You’ll always forget something important when you go grocery shopping!
– I have some of the smartest students ever (although, I’m a bit partial)
– I enjoy being able to leave a mess until later, just because I don’t feel like cleaning (or don’t have time)
– Most days, while I am here, I have to actually remind myself to eat meals. My brain is so full of a million other thoughts, that food barely makes it into them
– You don’t pick favorites, they pick you
– I love to clean. I have always known this, but it has become more evident to me
– Different isn’t bad or weird, it’s just different.
– Embracing others for who they are, not who they could be, is so rewarding
– I can read one book a week while not in school. I can also get lost in a book and lose complete track of time.
– I had grown to really use netflix as a relaxation device
– My students’ names! I had all but one memorized by the 2nd week, and he is new

That is all for now!

Have a blessed day,



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