Silence is a Foreign Language

I was sitting at my desk in the library and realized that silence had become a foreign language. It was during the last 30 minutes before closing and there were only a few patrons scurrying around picking up last minute items. It was completely and utterly silent, a sound that felt new and welcomed to my ears.

In Honduras, there is constant noise. Even when the power is out through the entire city, there are still generators running, dogs barking, children screaming and roosters crowing. Silence doesn’t exist.

Since being home, there has constantly been noise. A tv show playing, music rolling around in the background or voices in the next room.

It had been over four months since I had heard true silence. No music, no voices, no barking or crowing, just simple quiet.

It felt good. There is a something cleansing about hearing silence and letting your thoughts just be thoughts.

I’m hoping that silence becomes a more common thing for my ears to hear!

Have a blessed day,



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