Who are you?

Can you imagine a world where the weight and build of your body defined you?

Can you imagine a world where your DNA is what determined your social status?

Can you imagine a world where your job, health, social status and property defined you?

I can, because at times I feel that’s the world we live in.

Whether it is the movement of society or the lies of satan, I believe that everyone feels defined by their circumstances at some point in their life. The only way we can define ourselves and find fulfillment is in Christ.

Your health does not define you

For the past few years I have really struggled with the way my health limits my abilities. I’m not going to explain that thoroughly, because it’s a long list, but it’s been a mental challenge for me. I feel as though I am far too young to be dealing with the problems that I do in every day life.

I have been learning and relearning that I have, in some ways, let my health define me. I have let it keep me from experiencing life to the fullest. I have believed the lie that I am less because of my poor health.

And yet, health is something I cannot control. I can’t control the hereditary pieces that were handed down to me. I can’t control the way my body reacts in certain situations or environments.

It do not have to prove or explain myself to others. I do have to put my doubts, frustrations and problems in God’s hands and let Him carry those burdens! I encourage you to do the same.

Your relationships do not define you

You are not responsible for others. You cannot control the thoughts, words or actions of others. Do not let yourself take the blame for the choices others make. You are your own person, so don’t let what others do define who you are. Every single person will disappoint you in life, even the angels, so accept that now and remember this later.

Your calendar does not define you

Our culture has built up this false view that if you aren’t doing that means you are lazy, boring, or apathetic. When did having necessary down-time become a problem? When did sitting down and reading a book instead of finding some meaningless activity to fill your agenda become abnormal?

The job that seems meaningless right now? Not even that defines you.

The chaos that you call “life”, does not define you.

How would every day life be different for you if you were constantly reminded that you belonged to Christ? That you are fearfully and wonderfully made?

How would your thoughts evolve? How would your words redevelop? How would your actions change?

So read this, and then read it again.

You are not your health, your friends, your bank account, your social status, your job, your family, your body, or your personal belongings. You are God’s child, and that is all you need to be. You are exactly who you are supposed to be right now, and forever. 

I’m not saying there isn’t room for improvement. In fact, quite the opposite. As Christians we should be striving to become more like Christ each day. I believe that is one of the main goals of our walks. Don’t let that process define who you are though. Don’t let the struggles you walk through in every day life define who you are. Find yourself in Christ, and the rest will fall to shambles in His incredible grace.

I’m still learning this every day. He is teaching me more each day what it means to find myself in Him. To rejoice, delight and define myself in Him!

Have a blessed day,



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