Are They Back?!

I recently decided to restart my Loving Arms Bracelets business!

For those of you who already know it, I sold handmade genuine leather with a handmade heart pendant last year around this time. I was selling these as a fund-raiser for my trips to Honduras. I never would have guessed that selling those for four months would pay for an entire trip!

Lately, with my new and improved (and crazy) schedule, I haven’t had much extra time for working on large crafting projects, but I’ve missed crafting so so much.

I began rolling the idea around of starting up my bracelets again.

As I began looking over all the plans I had for my first go at this, I decided to completely change the design of my bracelets.

This time, since I am no longer taking regular trips to Honduras, I didn’t want to to simply sell bracelets and make a profit.

Therefore, I have decided to give 50% of the proceeds to Team Up for Honduras. They are a group of missionaries that have created this ministry and mainly work with graduated girls from an orphanage in Honduras. They are the people who first brought me to Honduras and the reason I had the experiences I did.

Honduras will forever be in my heart, and it will always be my second home. This is a way I can give to Honduras and support them, without physically being there.

I’m so so excited to be getting this project going and having a new creative outlet again!

You can check out my Facebook page to see updates about the upcoming bracelets!

I will officially begin selling these bracelets on January 1st, but will have fun contests and giveaways until then so be sure to check in!

Have a blessed day,



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