Your Reflection

Wow, a new post is long overdue! It’s been almost 3 weeks!

Tonight, my mom and I were checking out at Wal-Mart and glancing at the gossip magazines. I was disgusted at all the talk of celebrities gaining weight and that it was even a problem! I am all for eating healthy foods and exercising regularly, but I am also all for being comfortable and happy in your own skin. This issue exists of feeding these lies to young, and older women all the same, that anything above a size 4 isn’t beautiful. I look at magazine covers and model shots and am sickened, because not only are the pictures raunchy, but they’ve been edited to the point that we can’t even guess what the original looked like! How can women be expected to meet those screen-created standards? And why are we even expected to?

Even if women aren’t realizing it, or won’t admit it, those images play a little trick on our minds.

It’s like anything that we’re told, if we hear it enough times, we start to believe it. Same goes for these putrid pictures! You see them enough times and your mind begins to bend the idea of beauty into something unattainable!

If you’re losing weight, or striving to, not because of numbers, but because of how you feel, then good for you! If you’re following fad diets and killing yourself over numbers and images, then I’m sorry, but I cannot support that! You’re weight should be about feeling good, and being content, not about the way you look in a picture!

I think as Christians, we get caught in two different mind-sets. One is that “God created me this way, so I’m not going to change,” which is harmful if weight loss would be a healthy thing. The other idea is this: “My body is a temple, and so I must look good in order to keep it holy,” which is a great lie in itself. I believe there is a middle-ground where we want to be healthy, because our bodies are temples, but it’s not all about numbers and appearance.

When it comes to the moment of your final breath, will you be concerned about the number on the scale, or where your heart is?

I weighed about 30 pounds more in high school than I do now. I lost a bunch of weight after high school, and have kept most of it off. I was never concerned about my weight when I was thirty pounds heavier. Now, I’m in this place where there are times I’m far too concerned about how I look. I pick and prod at my body, and all the “problem areas” that exist. I sometimes lose how God sees me, and even how others see me, and that makes me angry.

You see yourself several times a day in the mirror. You have the opportunity to find all the imperfections and “problems” every single time. Someone else may see you every day and still never see those same things you do. They will see how clear your skin is, how beautiful your body is, how stunning your eyes are. They see things not because they have to ignore everything else, but because they simply aren’t you.

So imagine your best friend, or close female friend of yours. You’ve most likely heard her talk about her imperfections, her blemishes, or her problem areas. When she talked about those things, did you see the same things she was mentioning?

If not, did you tell her that? Did you sincerely stop her negative talk and encourage her?

As females, we so easily get caught up in our looks. I’m guilty of it myself.

For the most part, I’m confident in who I am and what I look like. But I’m positive that even the most confident women in the world have doubted themselves at least once.

It can be so challenging to turn to positive images and thoughts during these times of insecurity.

I have a huge heart for people who let these things define themselves. Your weight, your blemishes, and what you see as imperfections, do not define who you are.

Jesus does.

I can write down all the scriptures, I can name twelve or thirteen verses, but until you believe this in your heart, it’s pointless.

You have to truly know that you are God’s treasure.

What a disappointment it must be to the creator of the Universe, to have one of His own creations think that they are not beautiful, that they are not an incredible masterpiece.

What is it that holds you back from seeing yourself in His eyes? What are the lies that you have believed, and maybe never knew you did? What are the words that were said to you that you still carry around today?

You are beautiful.

You are an incredibly stunning and wonderful creation.

The same God who created the very stars in the sky and the amazing world around you, created you specifically and uniquely.

Be honest with yourself, which is sometimes difficult to do, and figure out what causes your insecurities. Learn what it really is that you see when you look in the mirror. When you only see those imperfections, I can tell you that others will only begin to see those as well. You can be so caught up in how you look that it becomes you, it takes over who you are.

Don’t let your reflection rule over the truth that you were created in God’s image

You are His creation and He sees you as nothing less than perfect.

You can search under every rock and look behind every door to find someone or something that makes you feel good about yourself, but until you go to Him and let Him speak truth into you, you will never be satisfied with what you look like. All of those fake fulfillments will fade, one way or another, and all that will be left is your reflection. You can choose to see yourself as you always have, or you can choose to see yourself in a new, and true light.

I get that some days are better than others. I get that the lies will sometimes haunt you. I get that sometimes it’s easier said than done. But I also get that seeing yourself as God does, changes everything.

Have a blessed day!



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