I’ve decided to go unplugged on Mondays, at least those during my breaks from school.

I’ve been finding it extremely necessary to set aside time in my crazy schedule and devote it specifically to Christ.

I’m not saying I will never be on Facebook or check my phone on Mondays, but that it is most likely you will not be able to contact me.

I need a day to sync my thoughts and heart with God’s. A day to devote to renewing my spirit in the interest of continuing to move forward in life.

Life is tough..it’s draining and discouraging, and I think having a day set aside to bask in God’s presence is one small act I can commit to that will counter-react to all the negative.

I’m going to catch up on reading, work on writing things that have been on my heart, most likely do some baking, but most importantly, let God love on me.

As I mentioned before, I’m not sure how strict I’m going to be with things yet, but I will be in a personal Jesus bubble.

I’m writing about this not only to ask those of you who read my blog, to hold me accountable, but also to challenge you to do the same.

You may not have the opportunity to have a full day to devote to this, but I’m positive that even a morning or afternoon will work in your favor.

It doesn’t mean spending the entire day reading your bible, listening to worship music and praying, although that may be my occasional Monday and could be yours as well. It mostly just means to set aside time for yourself. Take some time to be selfish! Do things you enjoy! Learn new piano music, try a new recipe, read that book that’s getting dusty on its shelf!

It’s important to use that time as sacred time with Christ, and yet let yourself unwind some.

God continues to remind me what it means to use my time wisely. There’s a huge line between living for the moment, and seeing every waking minute as an opportunity to honor God and bless others. Although I fail so often, I choose to live in a way that honors my Savior and humbles myself to the service of others.

It’s not easy, but is it worth it?

Have a blessed day!



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