I love my dad. 

It’s as simple as that. 

My room has a really awesome porch attached to it, with a door to it inside my closet. It’s great during most of the year, but can make things frigid during this time of year. Tonight, I made a comment about my room being really cold, and asked if we had an extra space heater. He suggested I take the one from the kitchen, but I didn’t want to take heat away from the rest of the family. 

After deciding to sleep in the guest room, where he keeps most of his clothes, he packed up his clothes before going to bed so that he wouldn’t wake me up really early in the morning. During this time, he also discovered that one of my windows was open. I’m completely clueless as to how or why, since two weeks ago during the bitter cold, my room was warm. I got nestled into the guest room to watch some tv and do some reading. 

He went to bed, and 10 minutes later, I hear him get up and walk into my room. I glance across the hall towards him, and he tells me he’s going to fix the issue. 

He goes and gets foam and tape and covers up the crack in my door to the porch, since the foam had fallen off. He has also continued to check to see that the problem is fixed.

Even though he is going to be leaving at 3 in the morning, he not only stayed awake thinking about it, but actually got up to fix my problem. 

This is something I greatly appreciate about my dad, he’s always willing to help out, even if he’s not asked or expected to. 

It often reminds me of what our heavenly Father offers us. I am honored to have a dad that loves me unconditionally and has always provided for me and the rest of my family. God does this same thing for us. Even when we don’t expect it, or ask, He is always finding ways to bless and help us. 

Having a father like this on Earth has made accepting a Father in heaven much easier for me. My father is not perfect by any means, but is such a great example of Christ and in many ways, has become a hero to me; just as any earthly father wants to, right?

I love you dad, and thank you so much for being a great father to me these twenty years. 

Hope you all have a blessed day!



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