Daily Post Challenge

I am on the tail-end of doing an instagram challenge, that I made up, just to do something semi-creative. I am the queen of starting challenges and bailing in the first third of it. I’m excited because today is day 27/40 and there have only been 3 or 4 days that I’ve had to catch up on here and there!

This got me looking at some other challenges that I could do to not only keep creative juices flowing, but to also pull me out of routine and schedule a little bit…for my own sanity.

One of the best, and most challenging, that I’ve found is writing a blog post every day for a month. Since I’m in school, and have several weekends away and exams coming up, it would have to wait until a summer month. So, I’m thinking that May might be the month I choose. I still have a little bit of school, but it’s nearing the end. Warm enough to write outdoors, and have some adventures to write about!

I’m thinking that this will not only spark my love of writing, but maybe get me running on some book ideas! It would make this space a lot more personal and invite more people into my every day life. I think it’d be fun!

Have a blessed day, and go enjoy weather outside!




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