Life is Funny

Life is a funny thing and God’s provision never ceases to amaze me!

This morning, I met one of my best friends for breakfast and as we ate the delicious food, I began to panic for no reason.

She asked what was going on and I realized that I was getting all worked out about my, rather “the” car again. I thought that our Century had over 200,000 miles on it, and so I knew it was a matter of time before it just gave up and died, or at least I thought that was the matter.

Last night, I began running all the scenarios in my head and the worry came quickly. First of all, I shouldn’t have gone to the What-If land of it-hasn’t-even-happened-yet, but I did. I was two feet in and there was no turning back.

After we talked and laughed some about hoe we do this to ourselves, I proceeded to go home and do none other than look at cars online. After being annoyed and even more worried, I packed up and headed to work. I walk in the door and briefly mention that the car is over 200k miles and move on to another topic. She looks at me and says, “uhm, that’s in kilometers”. We’re Canadian, and the car was handed down to us from my grandmother. I began to laugh, and continued to laugh. After a conversion, I discovered that there is only a little over 125K miles on the car! I say “the” because it technically isn’t my vehicle, my gracious parents allow me to drive it everywhere.

I grabbed the mail keys and headed towards the post-office, with all of this on my mind. I felt not only relieved, but quite dumb. I laugh it off and continue to process my financial situation and enter into a time of prayer. I feel that the three jobs I have right now are what I’m supposed to be doing, but I really want to be putting money in savings. So, I told God that either something else shows up that fits into my already busy schedule, or that He shows me a completely different direction to take. After praying, and spending a few minutes in worship, I got back to the office and settled in to my desk.

I’m working away when my phone goes off and I get a job offer writing a blog post once a week for a friend who has a web design business. I am still blown away, speechless, surprised, overwhelmed (in a good way) and excited.

I laughed more at God showing off. I don’t know why we doubt His abilities, why we limit what He is capable of. He never stops surprising me and blessing me beyond anything I deserve.

We serve a good God, and we simply have to trust that wherever He has us is where we’re supposed to be, unless He shows us otherwise. What a blessing it is to serve Him!

Have a blessed day, and I hope that God shows up in your life today!



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