A New Attempt

Ready for an adventure that has a high chance of failing? I am!

I’m not one for creating habits in my schedule..in fact, I’m probably the worst. I have spent many years getting down on myself about it and being disappointed when I’ve failed to meet my own expectations, yet again. Very recently, I’ve decided that I want to try to embrace it instead.

I find sometimes we can look so closely at what we believe are our faults or weaknesses and believe that they make us less-than, when really, we should look at them and discover the beauty in them!

This blog has worked for me because I haven’t tried to make it into a scheduled time of writing. A few times I have tried to do something semi-habitual, and it has blown up in my face. SO, this time, I simply have a goal of posting an actual written post once a week, and a music post once a week. With my hectic schedule, I’m afraid of even marking down a day each week to do this…because I will probably rebel against my own rules and nothing will ever be posted.

More than anything, I need this as a creative outlet. I need somewhere for my thoughts to explode out of my fingertips (sounds pretty, eh?). I’m going in knowing that most of these posts probably won’t be read, and completely accepting that. I’m doing this not for the acceptance or approval of others, but for myself! What!? People do that?!

Yep! And I encourage you to find something as well.

My church is working through a series called Breathing Room and just this past week we really dove into what things fill us up and what things drain us. As I’m sitting here writing (and realizing that I never made my list, oops!), I’m understanding just how much this space is a time of filling up for me!

So, join me if you dare..or ignore me if you don’t care. If I have posts that I think are reasonable for the entire public, they will be shared on FB. Otherwise, I won’t be exposing them to any other websites so come back and see what you’ve been missing! These posts will most likely be a little more personal at times, for the sake of meeting my goal of a post a week. I also have so many friends that are obsessed with my music, but can’t figure out how to find it on their own, so that’s why I’m doing one song a week as well!

I’m excited to be doing this and to push myself a little further and take the time to be filled up! Hopefully you can find something that fills you up and take the time to do it!

Here goes nothing!

Have a blessed day,



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