Hair Growth: Part III

{Click here for Part I and Part II}

9 Months!

It’s amazing how much awkward can happen to your hair over the duration 9 months, from weird layers, choppy bangs and the unfortunate (and unavoidable) mullet. BUT, I’m excited to announce that I have a bob! I have to say that at the six month mark, probably the hardest, most grueling time, is when my hair really seemed to be growing quickly. I have not had any major hair cuts since then (except for the time I took the thinning shears to it), although I have trimmed my bangs and neckline.

Yesterday I was battling getting a haircut. You’ll understand why when you see the pictures. It is practically a bob, but I feel like going and getting everything freshened up will make a huge difference. So, we’ll see how long I last. It’s great because today I washed it and left it and got several comments on how great my hair looked!

I don’t have a lot to share with you, just my excitement because of this huge victory!

Bob! Hair post


I still will most likely go to get a hair cut in the next several days to get rid of the last bit of awkward. Yesterday I curled it with a flat iron and it made me appreciate the length some.

curly hair blog post

So, that is really all I have to share for now! Another post might come around in a little while with some styling ideas and such!

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