7 Ways to Get Motivated!

7 ways motivated

As a college student going into her fourth year of online classes, with two years until graduation, motivation is hard to come by. I work around thirty hours a week and spend my weekends at my desk or Starbucks (my classroom) cranking out school work. I’ve been learning how to get motivated, stay organized and be thankful in this season and am here to share how I’m getting by!

1) Create a bed-time routine. 
This one is brand new for me, but I’ve started creating a thirty-minute window of no screens (except for my kindle) before I sleep. I also leave my phone on the other side of my room so when my alarm goes off I actually get out of bed, rather than snoozing for another twenty minutes. Lastly, I create a to-do list for the next day before I hit the hay, in order to empty my mind and actually relax! Reading for pleasure at night is such a wonderful thing when you spend your days with your head in textbooks! Try creating a devotional or quiet time during this as well! I usually am reading Christian non-fiction like Overwhelmed by Perry noble or Crash the Chatterbox by Steven Furtick. 

2) Try something new. 
It doesn’t have to be crazy! Explore a new genre of music, try a new recipe or pick up a new hobby. Changing up your routine is such a great way to break apart the mundane parts of life, and maybe you’ll discover a new passion! 

3) Be grateful. 
Create a list of just ten things that you are thankful for. Try doing this every night before bed and you’ll find yourself having a much better attitude towards life. 

4) Praise the successes of others. 
I’ve been having a hard one with this one lately. It seems that everyone is getting married, having babies, or moving away and I know my next two years have me fairly stationary until graduation. Learning to celebrate with others when they are in a new relationship or earn a promotion at work, regardless of your own circumstances, is such a great way of getting outside of your own world. 

5) Learn to live a healthy life. 
This one is all over the place for me, sometimes all I crave is healthy food other times all I crave is junk. Sometimes I want to exercise constantly, other times I’m happy laying in bed all day. Learning to make healthy food choices can make such a difference in how you feel, which in turn helps keep you focused and motivated while working. Of all the benefits of exercising, stress-relief is definitely my favorite. Exercise helps to let out the emotional drainage that happens throughout the days and the extra endorphins certainly don’t hurt! 

6) Make goals. 
I find that when I’m in a rut, I am often overwhelmed at the same time. I have two many things happening at once and need to chew off one piece at a time. In the morning, I’ve started creating three goals I want to accomplish by the end of the day in order to stay on task throughout the day. You don’t have to get everything done at once, but this helps to prioritize your to-do list. 

7) Spoil yourself!
It doesn’t have to be life-changing, but it will help. By that shirt you’ve been eyeing! Grab a coffee with some friends! Spend an evening having your own spa night! You’ll thank yourself later

These are just a few simple things I’ve found helpful. The biggest thing I’ve learned in this is that getting out of a rut actually takes work, and unfortunately the only thing you don’t feel like doing when you’re stuck is work! Best of luck on your journey out of the rut!

Have a blessed day, 



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