{Job: Part 2} More Than You Can Handle

More than you can handle

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Do you ever feel that there is too much going on in life than you can handle? Do you ever wonder if God allows us to have more than we can handle?

There is a common saying, misconception rather, that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. I said and agreed with this until recently.

Job is the reason why my view changed.

Look at his story, or even just think about it! God allowed for all of this to happen to Job. He allowed Job to be stripped of all that he knew to be normal. Job served God anyways.

What’s your response when you’re overwhelmed? What’s your response when life feels like too much? Do you praise God or question His authority?

I’ve learned that God does allow us to have more than we believe we can handle, but He also provides us with the tools to handle it. It puts us in a place of either choosing Him or walking away. I believe we are all equipped with the tools to choose Him and walk in faith, no matter what that looks like.

Today, I had major financial issues, was told that one of my most treasured mentors was diagnosed with cancer in three places, came to terms with the idea that two of my three closest friends are leaving for one year minimum and spent my hours at work correcting things that were overlooked on my end. It’s been tough, and I took it all out on a poor customer rep guy! (Although it was the Sadie version of mean–which is really just stern).

In all of this chaos, I turned on my worship music and sang my lungs out. I wrote down ten things I am thankful for today. I soaked in God’s promised peace and joy.

That’s not always my response, and it wasn’t Job’s either, but these are tools God has shown me in order to handle the “too much” seasons of life.

You see, Jesus told us that we would face “trials and sorrows”, and our saving grace is Him (John 16:33)! Why do we tell ourselves the opposite? Why do we act like when we choose to follow Christ, life becomes simple? Our circumstances don’t change, but the way we handle them does. A heart change is what affects the outcome of our circumstances. We should learn to grow in these times of pressure. We should see them as opportunities to learn, rather than to shrink down in fear. 

When you’re in the middle of a troubling, stressful or dark season, look for Christ and you’ll find Him, right in the middle of it all. God is so much bigger than the circumstances you face. God is so much bigger than the emotions you’re feeling. God is so much bigger than your decisions. God is the God who created you, who has a plan for you, who provides renewal every morning. He deserves to be glorified no matter what the circumstances. Bask in His presence and live in His promises.

Have a blessed day,




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