We are Judah

We Are Judah

I’ve been working through the book of Jeremiah, and this thought has been reigning in my mind. We are Judah. In the first several chapters, Jeremiah is feeling heart-broken and burdened for the its state of destruction and disobedience. He watches as idolatry ruins an entire nation. 

Over and over, although we can feel God’s anger and frustration with His people, we can also feel God calling them to Him. God wants more than anything for the country to return under His power and guidance. 

Isn’t that us? We constantly have unholy idols, carry out sinful acts and shut God out, sometimes without realizing it. God is always waiting for us to return to Him. I’m positive he gets angry, disappointed, and frustrated, but only because He loves us. He wants what is best for us, and that is being in close relationship with Him. 

We constantly choose idols over Him. We choose to watch a movie, rather than spend an hour in His presence. We choose to spend our money freely, rather than surrendering it to Him and allowing Him to lead us. We choose to do things on our own, instead of following Him. We choose to turn to flawed, broken humans who cannot fill the void in our hearts, rather than turning to the perfect, whole and righteous King. 

Can’t you just imagine how much that tears him up? Just as a child who disobeys her parents, or a teenager who rebels against his authority. 

I write this as “we” and “us”, not “you” and “them” because I’m convicted of this myself. I’ve been recognizing the difference in my days that are spent in God’s presence and under His authority and the ones that I try to go it alone. 

Following Christ is a constant choice. We have to choose to surrender every moment to Him. It is not a one-time thing, and it’s not even a first-thing-in-the-morning-and-you’re-set thing, it’s an every-moment, every-minute thing. 

We have to start finding our identity in Christ. We have to start making Him not a priority, but our priority. We have to consistently choose Him over ourselves, or the things the world offers us. What we find will be not only better, but worth the sacrifices. 

Let’s put down our idols, our selfish tendencies and instead put our hands up in worship and praise to the God who has the power to change us. The power to fill us up and keep us full.

Have a blessed day!



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