Bible Reading Challenge 2

For the month of September, I decided to read through the book of Jeremiah. I challenged everyone else to choose a book or two to work through throughout the month as well.

There is something so powerful about being in Scripture on a daily basis! It creates a time of not just solitude, but also of rest and refilling. It seems to be one of the biggest struggles Christians have, to keep a habit of Bible reading.

I’m once again, challenging each and every person to read through a book or two during the month of October.

I will be reading through 1st and 2nd Corinthians.

A really great resource to look at while reading through Scripture to make it stick a little more is The best way to find your book is to search “iv press” in Google, along with the title of your book. An Introduction page should be the first to show up that looks like this:

Lastly, I find that setting things up ahead of time helps because it gives you something to stick to. I create a calendar in a word document and write out what chapters I’m reading on what days. Catch up (or grace, as I like to call them) days are also really helpful and important.

Best of luck and have a blessed day,



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