Support System: Give Him Your Hand

Part 1

I watched as the two year old pulled himself up one step, and onto the next. Once he realized he was getting further from the ground, he stuck his hand out for mine. I held his hand and used my strength to help him make it to the top of the stairs.

I was at the playground with a little boy that I babysit, and continued to be reminded of how often we need the help of others. There were a couple of times that he didn’t reach out for me, and yet I sat there hands and arms ready if anything were to happen.

It got me thinking about how, as adults, we do the same thing.

Have you ever reached out your hand hoping for it to land on something stable in order to catch your balance?

Have you ever thought you didn’t need something stable, out of stubbornness, and fallen?

I feel like this is how we can treat God at times, too!

We sometimes know that we need Him, and we put our hand in His in order to receive the strength and grace to make it through whatever we may be facing. Then, there are other times that we believe that we don’t need Him, and yet God is still holding out His hand, ready to catch us shall we fall.

Usually, when we attempt to do things on our own we stumble and fall, maybe even take steps in the wrong direction.

I’m learning the importance of having a support system. I believe that God gave humans the ability to love, connect and relate to each other so that we could have a body of people to lift us up. This support system has a natural hierarchy that builds up when we really begin to look at it.

When looking at this triangle, we can see that God is at the top. He is the ultimate source in which we can find strength, peace, fulfillment and wholeness.

Learn to key into those times that you truly do need God’s hand in yours, and what it truly means to receive it.

Check back for further parts of this series Support System.

Have a blessed day!



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