Hair Growth: Part III

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9 Months!

It’s amazing how much awkward can happen to your hair over the duration 9 months, from weird layers, choppy bangs and the unfortunate (and unavoidable) mullet. BUT, I’m excited to announce that I have a bob! I have to say that at the six month mark, probably the hardest, most grueling time, is when my hair really seemed to be growing quickly. I have not had any major hair cuts since then (except for the time I took the thinning shears to it), although I have trimmed my bangs and neckline.

Yesterday I was battling getting a haircut. You’ll understand why when you see the pictures. It is practically a bob, but I feel like going and getting everything freshened up will make a huge difference. So, we’ll see how long I last. It’s great because today I washed it and left it and got several comments on how great my hair looked!

I don’t have a lot to share with you, just my excitement because of this huge victory!

Bob! Hair post


I still will most likely go to get a hair cut in the next several days to get rid of the last bit of awkward. Yesterday I curled it with a flat iron and it made me appreciate the length some.

curly hair blog post

So, that is really all I have to share for now! Another post might come around in a little while with some styling ideas and such!

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Hair Growth: Part II

first photo
So I’m laying on my bed, reading about “The Centrality of Carbon to the Organic Molecules of Life” (riveting, right?) when it hits me like a ton of bricks…soft, squishy bricks. I definitely missed my 3 months hair growth post.


Three months came and went and two months beyond that (so five months, for those of you not great at math, not unlike me) I’m finally getting around to posting about the beast. I’ve decided that’s what it is going to be called until it turns into something beautiful (hopefully) someday.

Pixies are a wonderful thing, they truly are…unless you’re a person who loves change and gets bored with hair easily. Then it becomes this annoying, awkward mop just resting on your head. Mid-August I wrote a post about growing out my pixie, and with it were pictures of my hair, after growing it out for a month.

I’m now a little over 6 months, but I feel as though I’ve gotten nowhere. For those of you suffering along with me, growing out a pixie, this post is for you. Not only do you get to see my hair a tad longer, but I will also show a few hairstyles I use to get me through the most awkward of phases.

My hair now:

Three Sides

As you can see from my last post, it has grown out quite a bit, it just doesn’t feel like it. A couple weeks after being home from Honduras, mid-October, my sister-in-law gave me a mullet-trim, and did some extra work with the style, so that it wouldn’t feel so moppy growing out. Weeks and weeks later, I gave myself a mullet-trim. Two weeks afterwards, over Christmas week, my sister-in-laws mother (former haidresser) chopped off tons in the back to make it look somewhat decent. I feel like it’s already getting to a place of being shaggy and gross.

I can’t quite tuck my hair behind my ears yet, because this happens:


I’m not sure of anyone that can pull that look off well..and I’m hoping that in about a month, my layers will be long enough to be tucked behind my ears and not poof out so much.

If you’ve looked at any other blogs about growing out a pixie, you will hear that headbands and hairpins will be like a gift from heaven, and they aren’t wrong. They truly do make all the difference! I’m a girl who likes simple, quick fixes (hence why I chopped all my hair off), so these are all simple things that only take a minute or two to do!

1) Tucking one side behind ear:

pulled to side bobby pin

My hair poofs out, as shown above, unless I use a bobby pin to secure the hair down. You can do this by either twisting your hair away from your face, or doing what they call a “fake braid”, which I will show in another style, and securing with a bobby pin.

2) Tucked hair with a bow/flower:

tucked ear bows

Ignore the awful exposure..I had to change it so you could see my flower pin. These are small flower/bow clips and pins you can get super cheap. Two of my favorite places for these pins are Wal-mart (surprisingly) and Forever 21. They go in easily, and you can wear them with a lot of different outfits!

3) Fake braid along hairline:

fake braid

(Ignore that extremely attractive picture of me while in the process of braiding…) This is and has been one of my favorite things for a few years now. I love it because it’s quick, can be done without a mirror, and looks a lot more complex than it is. You do the same thing you would with a french braid, except with only two strands of hair! As I mentioned earlier, you can do this on the other side to get the hair out of our face. This one is especially great for the days your bangs just do not want to cooperate!

4) Elastic headbands:

elastic headband

I have a few other “hair wraps”, but this one is my absolute favorite elastic headband. I have always had trouble with these because they never stay on, but this one is fantastic (and reversible, can you tell I’m excited!?)! These, you obviously just slip over your hair. They can also be worn with a fake (or real) braid to hold back the rest of your hair! I got this headband from Rue 21, and Forever 21 also carries great headbands, elastic and plastic/metal!

5) Plastic/metal headbands:

plastic metal headband

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love bows and flowers. Plastic and metal headbands can pull back the heaviness on the side, or to completely tuck your hair behind your ears. Again, they work great with your bangs braided back!

To close, and mostly for my own satisfaction, is a one month and sixth month comparison of my hair growth:

1 and 6 monthsThanks for checking this out! Smell ya later…


Hair Growth

Recently, I got my hair cut in Guatemala City. It made me miss haircuts in Ohio.  They use scissors here, and that’s it. It’s not a bad cut, she did a pretty good job, but short cuts take more than just a straight scissor cut. Also, she started cutting and she just kept going. I guess that’s okay because I’ve always wanted the super short pixie cut. But, now I’ve had it for two weeks, and I’m bored (and a little annoyed with how it’s grown out). I can’t even wear headbands  or cute clips at this length because of the choppy layers.

I want to do this for all my fellow pixie-cut wearers out there who have faced the challenge of growing it out. I want to post an update every 3 months to show progress and some tips.

Here are my Month 1 pictures:

August 2013

August 18, 2013