You Were Created to be Loved

You weren’t made to be handled or tolerated, you were you made to be enjoyed and celebrated.

I recently told someone that they handle me well. Their response was that it wasn’t a matter of handling me, but that they genuinely enjoyed me.

It was difficult for me to understand, and it still is at times. How can we truly understand that we weren’t created to simply be put up with.

1 John 5:16 says, “So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him” (ESV).

Genesis 1:27 says, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them” (ESV).

So, if God created us in His image and He is love, doesn’t that lead to the idea that He created us in love and to be loved?

You are made to be loved, cherished, enjoyed, celebrated and appreciated.

In fact, in Christ, you already are.

Too often we look for the validation and approval of others, to remind us that we are enjoyed. I think that once we understand that our value lies in Christ and Him alone, it gives us a confidence, peace and joy that radiates from us. People are fascinated and attracted to those qualities, and tend to be put off by insecurity, unhappiness and negativity.

Oftentimes, this idea that we are handled and not enjoyed is self-developed. We have this idea planted in our minds that we are a challenge, annoying or difficult to tolerate. Whether it’s from words we once heard, or actions done to us, I’m not entirely sure, but it’s there.

I used to feel like I was the only one that felt this way, but the more I have this conversation with others the more I realized that I don’t stand alone.

This is a sad realization for me, because that means we aren’t fulfilling our calling as Christians. We aren’t loving our neighbor as fully as we could be. We aren’t spreading God’s love as frequently as we could be. We aren’t showing others that they were created to be enjoyed and celebrated as much as we could be.

I’m not saying we all need to pack our bags and head overseas, because the mission field is all around you. Ask a stranger how they’re doing. Talk to the cashier who never seems to smile. Pay for the coffee of the customer behind you. Smile and actually, yes I’m going there, make eye contact with people you pass by.

It doesn’t take much to make people feel noticed, and you truly can’t understand the impact you could be making.

Show people that they have been created to be celebrated and enjoyed.

Know that you were created to be celebrated and enjoyed.

Have a blessed day,



Single Yet Loved

Being single at twenty can be challenging at times.

I know, I’m young…I have all the time in the world.

I’m reminded of this all the time, and if you’re single, I’m sure you are too.

There is nothing wrong with being single at this age.

It doesn’t make you less valuable, and it certainly doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you.

At my age, my parents knew they were going to marry each other and both of my brothers knew they were going to marry their, now, wives.

At times I feel the pressure to hurry up and meet the person I will marry. Not that I’m less-than or slow, but just that I should be there, you know?

I then look at all that I’ve experienced to-date and what the next few years entails for me. I see the places I’ve gone and the opportunities I’ve taken, and I’ve realized all the amazing freedoms that come with singleness.

I’m not saying that there is no reason to sit in bed with a tub of ice cream and a cheesy romance and cry (for that is perfectly acceptable). What I am saying is that there are perks to being single that we should take advantage of while we can!

Have you always wanted to travel? Then travel!

Have you ever wanted to teach English in a different country? Then teach!

Have you ever wanted to go on a date, just to go on a date? Then date!

Why is there a rush? Why has our society put this horrible expectation on twenty-somethings to find “the one”?

I get that women have an innate desire to be loved, but we also have an innate desire to love and be loved by God.

Why then, is the Christian population not pushing singles to simply fall in love with God, rather than making them feel less-than because we don’t have someone to hold hands with, or to bring us flowers “just because”.

Every girl wants that, but what every girl truly needs is more of Jesus.

This isn’t anything new. It doesn’t change things. It is simply a reminder that the only love we really need in our lives is God. We don’t need a man, because even the best of men cannot fill this God-shaped hole in our hearts.

Don’t stop watching those chick-flicks, because I get it, they can be addictive. Don’t stop praying for your future husband, because prayer is a powerful thing. Don’t stop desiring to be loved, because, well…you can’t. Don’t stop reading those Christian singles books, because they may come in handy some day!

But do start loving God more.

Start letting Him love you more! Start reading the Bible more, it is His love letter to you! Start basking in His presence as often as possible, and letting Him fill you up!

Have a blessed day!