I’m constantly surprised by the many tools one can find online. For instance, last night, I wanted to see number of the days between one date to the next. I typed this into Google, and what do you know, numerous options came up. Several weeks ago, when planning an activity for my students, I needed to scramble a list of words so they were no longer in order, and discovered that several websites provide that service! (It’s the simple things in life, right?)

I began to realize that there is never an end to the internet and what we can use it for. I am discovering how many ways in which we misuse the internet, and the many ways in which it is used for good. It reminds me a lot of our words. Our words come in an endless fashion. There is no end to what we can say, using not only words, but the inflection or tone of voice.

The other night, I was talking with a friend in my apartment building. His son, who is quite young, came and was asking me to do something for him. While he was waiting for my help, the father rambled some angry words in Spanish (that I didn’t understand) to the little boy who then left. He began to cry as he was walking down the hall towards their apartment. It turns out that the son had said a couple of bad words and that was why he got in trouble.

This little boy has become like a son to me over the past months, he greets me almost every day as I head out to work and every evening as I’m getting home. His father told me that often times, in the morning before school, he asks to come and spend time with me. I love this little boy like he were my own, and hearing him crying actually broke my heart a little bit. I quickly understood that the son was not crying because he was in trouble, he was crying because he was embarrassed. It was the words his father used, and the tone of voice that made the son embarrassed. Ironically so, it was the words the son used that got him in trouble in the first place.

Words can be a blessing, or a curse. Words can heal, but they can, also, very easily wound. It is far too easy to let words leave your mouth and penetrate the mind of someone else without thinking first.

Our words hold so much power, and I feel that that is often overlooked. We don’t realize that what we say might follow a person for the rest of their lives, whether positive or negative.

When we are young, we are taught, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” That has to be the biggest lie that children are ever told. Words can most certainly hurt and far more than broken bones. Bones eventually heal, but words can create a wound that might never be fully healed. Along with broken bones comes a story, but along with hurtful words comes anger, hurt and true, heart-level damage.

If being perfectly honest, there were many negative words that were said to me growing up that are still with me today. I don’t think most of these words were slung at me with the intention of hurting me, but they did regardless.

Satan has this way of taking these hurts, these awful words, and turning them into lies. He works hard to have us believe them about ourselves and let them define us. Thankfully, we have an awesome God who is waiting to fill us with truths about who we are. Our God is waiting for us to let Him define us, to wipe away these wounds and replace them with His love and grace. Words are one of the many things that cause hidden wounds. God is the only one that can take these hidden wounds and make them into something beautiful. Don’t let words define who you are and don’t buy into the lies satan twists these words into. You are worth so much more than that.

Have a blessed day!